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“The Greatest gift one can give to a child is to teach him to know himself and master himself”.

A system of national education in India should encourage building of a society based on love and co-operation irrespective of castes and community.

A nation is advance in proportion as Education and intelligence spread among the masses. If we are to rise again, We shall have to do it by spreading education with good virtues in society.

There was a need of good International school in Navsari. The devoted Swaminarayan saints, other reputed people and eminent personalities started this “Shree Swaminarayan International School” from June 2000. It provides education with the spiritual values and physical fitness.

Right now, the school provides best education in order to develop a child who can lead future India. The school is totally air-conditioned and provides total facilities with the aim to provide total comfort to a child while studying.

Supreme Lord Shree Swaminarayan…

On 3rd April, 1781, Lord Swaminarayan made his advent in a humble village of Chhapaiya, North India.

A series of divine miracles glorified his childhood. From reviving shoals of deaf fish, he proceeded to unfurl the marvels of spiritual excellence by elevating people to the sublime heights of trance.

By the playful age of 11, he had mastered the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagvatam and Ramayana. He defeated renowned pandits at a scriptural debate in Varanasi.

For 7 long, arduous years, he moved from the icy peaks of the Himalayas, through thickest and deserts, to the very tip of southern India; Finally to settle in Gujarat. He sanctified the length and breadth of India – a journey of over 25,000 kms barefooted and wearing a single loin cloth !

When only 21, he was appointed as spiritual Guru of a large following Vaishnava guru.

His Irresistible divine presence attracted masters if all fields to join his following that rapidly grew to 2 million ! of which 2,000 were saints of the highest purity. During his very life-time people worshiped him as the God-supreme. and out of compassion, he asserted the spiritual equality of man by extending full attention to the poor and the sinful. Through his well disciplined system, he refined society which was corrupt politically, disrupt socially and bankrupt spiritually. Love and non-violence, his only principals, purged society of its malpractice, addictions, superstitions and harmful beliefs.

Welcoming all, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, race and nationality into his care, he crowned them with ultimate liberation. After a short span of 49 years, he left this world, enriching humanity with a legacy of sic lofty temples, several educational centers and treasures of spiritual wisdom in the two scriptures – Vachanamruram and Shikshapatri.

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